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Celebrating Role Models – Day 18

Animal Rights Activist and Co- Founder of Adopt a dog in Sri Lanaka, OSHADIE KORALE

I always get asked the same question; “Why don’t you start doing human welfare???” and I give them the same answer- “Humans can speak out and tell you their pain, animals can’t…” I have always felt their pain, hated not being able to do anything, always spoke up for them when I heard their cry and helped the ones who can’t talk.

There was never a right time to start helping, then we decided why wait! We’ll just start it small any way and see how it goes. So with two friends we started our tiny Facebook based animal rescue organization “Adopt a dog in Sri Lanka” https://www.facebook.com/adoptadoginsrilanka. People can’t believe at 23 years of age I’m doing animal rescues while perusing my PhD in Pharmacology and Biomedical Science. Parents usually refrain from allowing their children to get involved in welfare activities in fear that they won’t study, but being an animal activist, Co-founding and managing ADSL has really taught me a lot about prioritizing work and managing time. It has also taught me how to deal with different people of all walks of life.

We initially imagined just 2 adoptions a month would be something to start up with. But after just 11 months in operation we are involved in around 40 adoptions a month. we have an Adoption program (the current count is 312), We have a Rescue program (rescued around 50 dogs), and we also have a Feeding program which feeds around 125 dogs every other day in Malabe and Rajagriya areas, We have vaccinated 450 dogs and now have a quarterly vaccination and sterilization program based in Kathragama so far we have sterilized 350 dogs. We hope to sterilize around 300 in the upcoming camp in June. The best achievement in this brief span of time has been the growth of our fan base (7200 likes in the group page alone!!) and slowly but steadily the numbers are growing and the word is being spread.

I have, at unfortunate instances, ended up at the police station because of dogs, and have spent many a sleepless night taking care of rescued puppies. But every day when I wake up I am happy in the knowing that I have done something worthwhile and important. And I love the knowledge of knowing that I made a difference by choosing to help these innocent souls. I have also in the process met so many awesome people being an animal activist. I will remain one and will always speak up for the ones who can’t.