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Celebrating Role Models – Day 20

Photographer, Journalist and  Creative Consultant , NATALIE SOYSA

I have and still continue to wear too many hats at any given time in my life. The ones you see next to my name are merely the ones I get paid for. I firmly believe that you’re allowed to chase as many dreams as you are capable of having as long as you learn the fine art of balance in all things. A woman isn’t referred to as a multi-tasker merely by chance, we dream so many dreams because we inherently have it in us to chase them. I spent 13 years of my life in advertising and then upped and quit my job to become a photographer just two years ago. In those 2 short years, I have photographed for print media journalism, web journalism, social documentary, travel, fashion, advertising and so much more, having also been exhibited 5 times in both Colombo & Delhi. I presently work fulltime in advertising as a creative consultant, take on photography assignments and write freeIance for the media when I can. In addition I am also involved in local theater as an actress, assistant director and make-up artist. I chronicle the Sri Lankan Rock & Roll and Electronic Dance Music scenes, am an event lighting designer, blogger, graphic artist, human & animal rights’ activist, singer, voiceover artist, marcom consultant, incurable Star Wars geek, mythology buff, have been published in an anthology of Sri Lankan erotica, run away from Colombo as often as I can, run my own household, raise 2 giant canines, am involved in an exciting new visual arts project with designer Jayani de Alwis and am also looking forward to taking on my most challenging job ever when I become a mum later this year. As colourful as each of these paths have been, the journey has taught me similar lessons – there is magic in all things we just haven’t found it yet, let go off your ego, be nice, be honest, plan less, let things happen to you and most importantly – don’t expect to live outside the box while you’re working in a cubicle.

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Photograph by Sharni Jayawardena