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Reach Out is a voluntary youth-led organization, interested in creating a more functional and self sufficient Sri Lankan society. But we plan on doing it the awesomesauce way.

1. Through forums, we want to foster inter community understanding and tolerance between different cultural, religious and social groups. This includes clearing misconceptions people have of different races and religions, and getting people to learn from those who are different from them, instead of marginalizing them. We believe a heightened sense of awareness and acceptance of the diverse sets of cultures and people around you can be self enlightening.

2. We’ll also be contributing socially in creative new ways like forums, public events, video, drama and competitions – for worthy causes. Some of which are charity, women’s rights, animal rights, the rights of the poor, environmental issues, political issues.. and pretty much any issues you as a young person think is worth addressing!

Our goals are women’s empowerment, youth participation in community work and inter-community harmony in a world where people of different backgrounds and beliefs tend to clash unnecessarily.

Most importantly, Reach Out is all about making change.

Although founded by muslim members, this is not a religious movement or a group exclusive to muslims; in fact diversity is the only way such an experimental organization can flourish. So if you wanna be a part of Reach Out, drop us a mail, or drop in at 2, Botheju Avenue, off School Avenue, off Station Road on any Sunday at 3pm for our regular meetups.

It’s strictly casual, there will be drinks and food, and maybe a coupla bean bags. Bring your enthusiasm, fresh ideas and sense of humour with you.

Being a member of the group will not just help you give back to the community, create a purpose for yourself, or be an advocate for human rights and peace – but from our documentaries to our humorous youtube skits to our field trips, it will also be epic fun.

Although it’s essentially a women’s organization, boys, we still appreciate the contributions and support you can offer our projects despite your absence at sunday meetups!

Reach Out projects to look out for:

Animal Rights project – Collecting money for Vaccinations, Poster Competition to raise awareness

Public Speaking & Personality Development workshops

Photography contest – Related to social issues

Field Trips – Some educational, some just random fun

Movie making – Documentaries for social issues & awareness

Going Green – Home garden projects, Clean Up The Beach project, events to raise awareness

Theatre – To raise awareness for important issues

Art Contests – To raise money for charity and causes



Q. Who are you, really?
A. We’re just a bunch of Sri Lankan girls from different backgrounds, some still in school, some in college, some working jobs, some just chilling out. Some normal, some completely bonkers. Initially 3 or 4 of us just had a simple idea and with time and interest it grew into this.

Q. Why just girls at Sunday meet ups?
A. Consider it a sorority of sorts; a girls’ club is just a different atmosphere altogether from a group of guys and girls. We are specifically activists of Women’s Rights and are trying to portray an image of Sri Lankan women with the power to create positive change. But contributions and feedback on our projects from the fellas are certainly appreciated, and you are welcome to the Volunteer Meetings we have on days other than Sunday!

Q. How can guys contribute?
A. We work on a series of projects whose genres you can check out above. Most of our projects are based on stuff like Art, Film and Cause Campaigns, so you can definitely contribute to it all, and you can join us at Volunteer Meetings. Meanwhile spread the word, and give us your feedback and suggestions via phone, email, Facebook and our blog.

Q. How do I become a member of Reach Out?
A. You don’t have to be a member to contribute, but to be an official member of the group (which means special cupcakes and VIP Reach Out parties! Bahaha!), you have to make it to seven Sunday meet ups to show us you’re committed.

Q. What is this ‘self enlightenment’ you speak of in the intro above?
A. In the process of project work and getting to know each other, we have casual forums about life through the perspective of people of different beliefs, cultures and lifestyles. What does it all mean? The forums will range from topics mundane to spiritual. The only rule of discussion: try not to judge. The world is always different through another person’s eyes. Those of all beliefs are welcome.

Q. Do you receive any backing from other organizations?
A. The non profit organization Al Muslimaath that works with charity and community based work, lets us have a space in their office – they’ve given us the support we’ve needed to keep going. We are however essentially independent in terms of concept, purpose and conduct. Beyond Borders is also a very good friend of ours and will be helping us create a documentary.

Q. I have another question that isn’t here or something to say to you, how can I get in touch?
A. Drop an email at  reachout.lk@gmail.com. You can also reach us through our Facebook page. and Twitter 


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  • Gayathri Fernando

    Would like to skype chat with someone from the core group who came up with this great informal women-with -oomph idea. email me at gayathrif@gmail.com. I am a Srilankan born and raised lawyer-researcher-writer and have just launched isrilankan.com which aims to give a better collage of srilankanness. Your work is intriguing and would be interested in featuring you and your motivation and style. All the best !

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