Celebrating Role Models – Day 8

Director of Women In Need (WIN),  SAVITHRI  WIJESEKARA

In 1988 I started off as a volunteer at Women In Need (WIN), but little did I know that years down the line I would be standing right at the front line fighting for women’s rights, and conquering the unimaginable. The awards I have won, like the Americans for UNFPA award for working towards the health and dignity of women, the SAARC Woman of Excellence award (the Sri Lankan Chapter) and the Liya Abimani award for International Women’s day in 2011, enable me to help women stand up for their rights and guide them to be independent, financially sustainable and emotionally sound.

I have gathered experience working as a women’s activist by representing Asia for three years at the External Gender Consultative Committee of the World Bank and working another three years in the National Committee of Women. I have also served on the committee for the Drafting of the National Action Plan for Sri Lankan women as well as the committee on Drafting National Action Plans on Women and Violence. Currently I am with the National Campaign for Stop Rape Now. But despite being always on the run, I am a mother of two and love my role not just as a Women’s activist but also a daughter, wife and mother to my family.

Photograph by Shakir Jamaldeen


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