Celebrating Role Models – Day 6

Former CEO of Ogilvy Action Colombo, currently Senior Communications Officer at World Bank, SANDYA SALGADO.


Oh, advertising was never my job, it was my life! Believe me, it was the only career I ever wanted to do and I call it my dream career. So what made me enjoy it so much? I believe no other career gives you an opportunity to learn about business and markets and people and products and many other things as much as advertising does. Well, that’s if you are the kind of person who wants to learn and absorb new things all the time. If you are not that kind of person, you can forget about being in advertising. Passion for what you do also makes your job really interesting. Then comes the vision. What exactly do you want to make of your career – is how I would explain vision. Advertising has a great career path too. Does it zap your energy? Oh my god it does! Does it always give you an adrenalin rush? Yes, yes it does. Is it full of frustrating moments? Of course! Are there more lows than highs? Absolutely. Then what’s the magic? No two days will be ever the same in advertising. You meet the most amazing people when you work in this field. Of course you have to go off the beaten track and go looking for it. And finally, this allows you to use both sides of your brain; you think from your mind and speak to the heart! I can go on and on and on… Advertising rocked for me, for sure.


Photograph by Aamina Nizar


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