Celebrating Role Models – Day 5

Editor of Ceylon Today, HANA IBRAHIM.

I’ve always wanted to be a journalist and remember as a kid writing a poem to my dad about what I wanted to be when I grew up. Of course I misspelt ‘Reuters’ then and didn’t really get to work at Reuters. But through perseverance, a few battles with my very conservative family and sheer hard work, I have been living my dream for the past 25 odd years, doing what I like best and hopefully doing it well.
I began my career as a trainee journalist and have over the years worked for several newspapers in Sri Lanka, USA and UAE. As a reporter I enjoyed the daily challenges of putting a story together and beating the deadline. As an editor, the challenges remain the same, but it comes with heaps of added responsibilities, least of which is ensuring good journalism standards are maintained.
I consider journalism to be more a vocation than a career. There is no 9 to 5 regularity about the work I do, nor do I get weekends off. But on the plus side I get to meet great people, travel to far off places, do fun stuff, be the first at the scene when something major happens and also contribute in some small way to changing a person’s life or government policy. I’ve had breakfast with George Bush Senior, shared a hookah with Body Shop’s Anita Roddick, bungee jumped into a creek in Dubai, acted as chauffeur for one of Britain’s best known comedians and was pretty much on the scene shortly after Iraq invaded Kuwait…

Photograph by Shakir Jamaldeen


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