Celebrating Role Models – Day 4

Model and Journalist, ROEL RAYMOND.

A deeply impressionable child, I had wanted to be many things once I grew up. An Olympic athlete, a crane operator, a soldier, and – in a final desperate bid to hold a gun – a security guard. At 27, finally grown up, I am a mother, a model, a student, a writer and a journalist.
A hopeless romantic, I also had a new ‘crush’ every day – from real, live boys to fictional characters in books; the most memorable and obvious one being Rhett Butler from Gone With The Wind. And today I am in the process of divorcing my husband of five years and raising my superstar son on my own.
Does life pan out exactly the way you want it? Sometimes not. But you learn the most valuable lessons when you are lost. I learned that no matter where I looked, the answer always lay within. I learned that sustainable happiness can be found – if you refuse to dwell on the past, refuse to fret about the future and live only in the moment – in the ‘right now’. I learned it is possible to have faith without the external trappings of religion and that love without object encompasses all. And with time I learned that I could create my own reality; that I could write, direct and produce my life story, just the way I wanted it. You can too.

Photograph by Aamina Nizar


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