Celebrating Role Models – Day 2

Next in the Women’s Day ’12 series is TV Producer SHARMINI BOYLE.

I started off wanting to be a documentary maker but over time have ended up being more broadly involved in the TV industry in Sri Lanka. I feel lucky to have been able to follow the professional career I have, which is primarily as a TV producer because it has taken me to the most unexpected places and given me the chance to get involved with so many interesting initiatives. I feel a good sense of job satisfaction in general. However, the media is ever changing, not because of new technology alone, or that it is such a market driven industry, but also because it is so closely linked to other developments in society and politics. So there are always challenges to face in trying to stay in there and be effective and viable – which takes hard work too. Sri Lanka is yet to fully exploit the potential of its media industry but this has begun to happen and together with the impact of global media developments, unpredictable and exciting changes will take place in the future.

Photograph by Aamina Nizar


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