Pink Bus

By Harith de Mel


Disgustingly pink and protruding,

Through the broken zip of his most prized pant.

A low rumble slowly starts the engine,

and just a mere mumble, from those at hand.


Pretty in pink, scented and ravishing,

A beautiful day, but let’s hop on the bus

Dressed to kill, poor lamb for slaughter,

In a blinded bus we go our ways.


Pretty disgusting what befell on her,

Squirming, angry, helpless as he sways

The young men give their seats to the elder

The chivalrous sit not on pregnant bay.


Sickly sweet his smile of sin,

Her fare wasn’t really fair you know?

But what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

Every day, Every Morning , Every time.


Harith de Mel is a pre legal Law graduate who is a member of Reach out. He yearns for social activism as well as a good Beer. His amateur poetry is always inspired on Bus travel.


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