Day: Eight from the BB campaign

Day eight features a photograph by Abdul Halik Azeez.

Use A Dictionary. The genders often speak in different languages. A word that sounds harsh and coarse can actually denote love and tenderness when translated though the specific emotional and situational context your counterpart is in. Practice patience and empathy, understand the multifaceted  meaning and not merely the shallow word. Distrust your ears, trust your heart.

– Halik

Watch this blog for the next 9 days. We’ll be posting a featured photograph each day till 10 December as part of WMC campaign against GBV.

For more information about this campaign click here

Halik is a board member of Beyond Borders. He blogs here. His opinions are his own.


2 responses to “Day: Eight from the BB campaign

  • S

    Sorry, Halik, but I find this very triggering. Women stay in abusive relationships for years because they’re told that verbal abuse from the partner is just the way they show love, that they (women) should be more understanding and patient, that they shouldn’t rock the boat. This post seems like a reinforcement of that message…unless I’m missing something?

  • Halik

    Yeah there is that. But active communication can only help. for example if the abused really puts an effort to interpret whats going on, maybe they will realize earlier that the relationship was going nowhere.

    But in other cases, perhaps in shorter term, less violent cases. I think a lot of abuse happens because people just don’t understand where the other is coming from. And often interpret behavioral patterns as antagonistic when they are really expressions of confusion or something else. And incorrect interpretations can lead to mild abuse which can lead to more abuse and a vicious cycle

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