Day : Three from the BB campaign

Day 3 features a photograph by TheGargoyleInJeans.

Domestic violence is common world wide and it’s quite rampant in Sri Lanka. Most often women don’t leave their abusive husbands because- she has no where to go, her husbands apologises each time he assaults her saying he loves her or threatens to kill her/ her children if she leaves him.

Thousands of cases of domestic violence go unreported each year. Women receive no help from the police as they assume it’s a household/personal problem that should be solved by the couple and does not warrant police intervention.

In families which mothers are abused, children are affected too. They will carry the psychological trauma or the belief that domestic violence is natural and acceptable into their adult life.

Domestic violence is not restricted to wives. It includes children, grandparents (abused by their adult children or grandchildren), siblings (when one abuses the other) and even men who are abused by their wives (though this is rare it is recognised in the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act in Sri Lanka).

Watch this blog for the next 13 days. We’ll be posting a featured photograph each day till 10 December as part of WMC campaign against GBV.

For more information about this campaign click here

TheGargoyleInJeans is not a member of Beyond Borders but we look forward to more of her contributions. She’s a highly talented photographer and more of her work can be found on her Facebook page.

you can find the original page here


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