Breaking the Silence

The International Centre of Ethnic Studies, Organized

 the event “Breaking the Silence”, where Reach Out together with  Beyond Borders were invited to perform our Forum Theater act.

Chulani Kodikara, resource person from ICES  started off the event and spoke on the topic of Culture and Domestic Violence, Where she touched on the the effectiveness of the Domestic Violence Act and the support it reigns from the country’s decision makers.

It was interesting to note that while most assume that the Domestic Violence Act would increase the rate of divorce cases, Sri Lanka has the second lowest divorce rates in the world.

Chulani went on to discuss how research shows that with the enactment of the Domestic Violence Act, women around the island have indeed broken the silence and made complaints about domestic violence in order to seek redress.

The second half of the event comprised of the forum theater performance by us. We had tremendous response from the crowd gathered and, an interesting and active participation in the interventions.

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Pictures by: Imaad Majeed and Dinidu de Alwis


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