Shutterbug Revolution: A Photography Contest & Fundraiser

Reach Out aims to use innovative and contemporary means of getting young people involved in social and community work, primarily social media and art – this year, be a part of our endeavor Shutterbug Revolution, which is conceptually photography with a social conscience.

The Sukitha Children’s Home for the Disabled on Horana Road is home to young girls, mostly teenagers, from all over Sri Lanka. They have differing abilities in physical, mental, emotional and learning needs, albeit every one of them has their unique skills and abilities honed and brought to the forefront at the Sukitha Vocational Training Center close to their home. People with physical and mental disabilities do not receive the same opportunities in Sri Lanka as those without – how many people in wheelchairs have you seen who can go to the local theater to watch a movie? How many do you see on the streets every day, at the grocery store or using public transport? How many are discriminated at a job interview purely based on social stigma? People who are physically or mentally different from you are no lesser human beings and deserve equal treatment, which is denied every day by the masses of our society, although there are thankfully exceptions.

This is a social travesty that needs to be amended. Join us in our campaign to raise awareness about the handicapable.
Do it through signing a check to Sukitha, or through word of mouth, or through art, however you feel you can contribute.

With just a click of your camera, you can be a part of Shutterbug Revolution. All proceeds from the campaign and its final photography exhibition of your work will go to the Sukitha Children’s Home for the Disabled.

Email us now on for your application form, or for further questions.


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