Floods & What You Can Do

There’s more than 1,056,255 people (and counting) being affected by the floods and heavy rain in Ampara, Batticaloa, Trincomalee,Vavuniya and other districts in Sri Lanka.

How can you help?

In your neighborhood, in your office, your classroom or any other congregations you go to – for food, clothes and other stuff.

Milk powder, sugar, tea, biscuit packets, baby napkins, towels, toothbrushes, toothpaste, candles, torch batteries, dustpans, detergents, cooking utensils, mosquito coils and nets – the list goes on. The people in these areas have lost their homes and any sense of normalcy, so just about anything that you can spare to give away will make a difference for somebody.

You can send your donations through us, in association with the NGOs and Families Relief and Al Muslimaath, or through any of the other organizations out there that are working hard to help out. Some others are the Sri Lanka Girl Guides Association and Muslim Aid.

Here is a link to Muslim Aid’s relief venture, and below is a poster with details about the SLGGA’s.

And here’s our poster. Spread the word, collect, donate, it’s easy and it’ll go a long way.


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