Our 2011 Documentary: Oppression Against Women in Sri Lanka

We’re not talking about physical abuse here, though yes, that’s still a huge problem.
But what really gave birth to the mentality that hitting a woman is okay?

What really started all of it. We’re going to try to go back to the beginning.

2011 will see us picking stories of Sri Lankan women, from different backgrounds, different races, different parts of the country – who have all been discriminated against, socially and culturally.

The 2011 project will be one of self discovery for all the women, and even men, who will take part in the documentary’s production. It will be an educational one, as we go back to the roots of Sri Lankan culture and society, and we question everything. What or who is to blame? But more importantly, how can we put an end to oppression against women?

A single mother. A school girl harassed on a bus. A divorcee. A victim of physical abuse. A girl denied education because she is a girl. A prostitute. Their stories. The voices of sociologists, psychologists, activists, the average laymen. These are some of what we hope to unveil. And we will explore the perspectives of everyone else, you, you and you, regardless of whether you are a man or woman, young or old, professionally qualified to say or not. Did you watch it happen? Did you see society take form as one that silently tolerates oppression and did you sit complacent? Do you want to do something about it?

Do you have ideas about how the documentary should be made? Want to contribute ideas, opinions, photographs, cinematographic concepts? Conceptualizing, research and script writing, is only now underway – so we’re open to all kinds of feedback and suggestions.

The documentary will be produced by Reach Out, with backing from non profit organizations Beyond Borders and Al Muslimaath.

If you’ve got anything to say, or you’re someone we should have in our documentary (or you know someone who should be): leave a comment here, email us at reachout.lk@live.com or visit our Facebook Page. You can also call us on 0773786505 or 0776733098.

Meanwhile we need all the support and input we can get, so spread the word, man! If you’re on Facebook, you can use the posters here, here and here.


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