Positive Attitudes Make Positive Energy

Peace and love are attitudes, and believe it or not, attitudes are often more important than action, because the former tends to give rise to the latter anyway.

Whether you’re Buddhist or Hindu or Muslim or Atheist, or of whatever ethnicity, or of whatever ‘status’ or part of the country or world, it’s important to remember that you aren’t superior to someone else, just based on who you are. Arrogance is like tunnel vision, it narrows your mind and your perception.

Open your mind. Be open to what people have to say, whether it’s contradictory to your personal ideals or not. How else can you expand your knowledge? If someone tries to teach you the english alphabet, do you shoot the offer down because you know the sinhalese alphabet and that’s all you need to know? Broaden what you know of the world, with humility, and only then can you ever learn anything.

Constantly enforcing your personal perception of the world on other people with no room for them to reciprocate, just makes you a rude bore. Knowledge enriches a personality; cutting off potentially useful knowledge stunts one.

Peace is an automatic product of love. Learn to listen to antagonists, accept differences, try to see it through other people’s eyes, out of love. The person you love doesn’t have to be lovable, or even of the same intellect or similar character; spiritual love is a personal decision that you make, it’s an inner energy, and it travels outwards to anybody you meet. It’s not miserly.

If you can’t do all that jazz though, just try a little. The world has some ugly places because people can’t agree, and for some dumb reason, disagreement has been equated to reason for attack. People think differently. Try as society may, no two people are ever going to have the exact same perception of everything. It’s only peer pressure and society’s incessant need to make everybody act like clones that creates the illusion that people can be the same. It’s a habit of the social animal that is the human being.

So feel free to point and judge when you can actually say that you are not a human being, but something of a superior species (assuming you’re not admitted at the Angoda hospital for being delusional). As long as it doesn’t hurt anybody or create harm in any real way, if someone says or does something you think is absurd, don’t shoot it down, at least not in your head. Read up on it, look at it in every angle possible, till you’ve exhausted all existing ways to approach the idea. Or if you don’t, just come to terms with the fact that you’re not All Knowing.

Like someone said (in Kung Fu Panda as far as I know), how do you fill a cup that’s already fulll?
How can you be peaceful and loving if you can’t sacrifice the selfish human need to see your beliefs as central to the universe? Express yourself, but also quieten down some times, and listen, and learn.  



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